Electric Car Insurance

Getting Tesla car insurance
The Tesla brand is inextricably associated with the development of viable and performance electric vehicles. They and one or two other manufacturers, have taken electric vehicles (EVs) from design and laboratory concepts into production. They have revolutionized the motor industry to an extent that hasn’t been seen for many decades. If...
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Is electric car insurance different from normal car insurance?
After decades of hard work and quite a few technical dead-ends, with associated disappointments, electric vehicles (EVs) are finally a reality. This should be cause for rejoicing for everyone who is even remotely interested in the environment but some insurance providers have been wrong-footed by these developments and just aren’t...
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Top tips for insuring your electric car
While having an electric car in the UK is still something quite unusual, they are set to become more mainstream as more manufacturers’ invest in this eco-friendly, money saving technology. Until they do become more common on British roads, however, people who own electric cars or vans may find it...
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Electric car insurance FAQs
What is an electric car? Electric cars may be all-electric – they run solely on the electric battery installed in the vehicle – or they may be so-called plug-in hybrids, with a battery that powers the vehicle up to a certain mileage or performance and a conventionally fuelled engine to...
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