UK electric car insurance

You might have read certain articles in the press that spoke of electric vehicle (EV) insurance cover in somewhat mystical terms!

There’s really no need to be alarmed and EV insurance should not really be a problem if you’re considering moving away from polluting technology towards this great green alternative.

Let’s examine some of the slightly nebulous headlines and the reality.

“Electric cars are difficult to insure”

No, they’re not – or rather that’s the case if you go to a specialist provider of EV insurance protection such as ourselves.

It is true that some ‘generalist’ car insurers are not yet offering electric car insurance. Certain others might be doing so but are loading up the premium based on their lack of experience in electrically-powered cars. If you go to such providers then you might need to prepare yourself to encounter problems.

However, the specialist providers of UK electric car insurance should be able to provide you with a satisfactory policy and at a cost-effective price.

“Insurance providers don’t have electric cars on their lists”

Many of us will have experienced in the past, some frustration when an insurance provider has failed to find our specific vehicle on their ‘list’. That can happen with conventional vehicles when a new model is released or you have a model that is uncommon.

The result is often delay and confusion, while the insurer tries to make up their mind what to do and how much to charge.

In the case of EVs, it’s of course true that many of these models are very new to the market. Some insurers won’t have all such vehicles on their lists and as such, you may need to anticipate delays and perhaps elevated premiums.

Yet again though, the solution is straightforward – contact a specialist provider of electric car insurance. They’re far more likely to recognise your vehicle type and have a proposition ‘ready to go’ than some conventional vehicle insurers.

“You can’t insure your battery”

Strictly speaking, this is incorrect because you can and indeed should insure your battery.

However, there is a slight complication here you should be aware of and it relates to the use of the term “your battery”.

When you’re purchasing an electric car, one of the most expensive components of it will be the battery. Typically, the vehicle will be sold to you with the battery in one of two commercial/legal positions:

  • it belongs to you and you’ve bought it with the car or:
  • your price includes a leasing cost for the battery and it remains the property of the manufacturer. This option sometimes includes variations such as lease-purchase or rental but the net result is that the battery is not yours, period, or not yours initially.

What’s important here is to make sure that you understand who actually owns the battery while driving your vehicle and discuss that with your insurance provider.


Providing you contact a specialist in EV insurance, there is no reason whatsoever for you to worry that it’s either complex or difficult to insure an electric car.

At Specialist4ElectricCars we will almost certainly have seen your particular requirements many times previously and will quickly make available some cost-attractive and straightforward EV insurance solutions.