Smart Drive Smart electric drive

The Smart electric drive offers technology that is sophisticated, along with it being a vehicle that is suitable for driving around town every day.

It is friendly to the environment, due to the fact that it doesn’t output any CO2. It is packed with numerous innovations, making it a vehicle that is simple and fun to drive.

The Smart electric drive is available in a choice of the fortwo electric drive or the Brabus electric drive. Ensuring there is a smart car suitable for everyone, offering power, a great design and comfort.

The Smart fortwo electric drive ensures that driving around town is a real pleasure, thanks to it being nimble and small, however it doesn’t lack space. It has been designed with urban mobility in mind.

The Brabus electric drive has performance that is powerful, combined with a design that is striking, while being friendly to the environment. The electric drive comes into its own in the Brabus, offering acceleration that is seamless thanks to full torque from the moment you start your journey. The cabin is packed with materials of high quality, adding to the exclusivity of the Brabus electric drive.

The Smart electric drive offers a fun but sensible drive, with charging that is intelligent and convenient and it is packed with innovative safety measures.

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BMW LogoBMW i3 and i8

The BMW i3 and i8 are both all electric vehicles, with the i8 being an hybrid. Both have been designed from the ground up and are a pleasure to drive, economical and stylish.

The BMW i3 is perfect for everyday use and was designed with sustainability in mind. Being electric it doesn’t output any CO2 emissions, which makes it the perfect vehicle for driving around the city.

It offers a drive that is rewarding, with superb acceleration and agility, going from 0 to 100km/h in 7.2 seconds. The ride is a smooth one and virtually silent and it can be fully charged in a few hours.

The BMW i8 is revolutionary progressive sports vehicle that offers emissions similar to those of a compact car. Materials are ground breaking, while the construction is innovative, and it offers the Efficient Dynamic features of BMW.

The i8 has agility, superb acceleration, and thanks to the combination of petrol and electric motors it is powerful. The BMW i8 offers a variety of driving modes including sport, eco and comfort. One press of the eDrive button ensures the vehicle runs only on electric, with speeds of up to 75mph being possible on pure electric alone. Power is from the front axle only, while the 3 cylinder engine provides power to the back axle.

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Citroen LogoCitroen C1 ev’ie

The Citroen C1 ev`ie is one of the first electric car’s offering four seats. It is powered by the 30kW engine, running on lithium-ion batteries placed where the conventional fuel tank would sit. This means that there is plenty of room for four in comfort, along with luggage space that isn’t compromised.

The Citroen C1 ev`ie may offer space for four but this doesn’t mean the range is compromised by the weight. The 60 mile range is helped by the fact that the energy from friction when braking is stored and this is then used, the mileage costing around 95p.

The Citroen C1 ev`ie offers automatic braking and this also helps to extend the range by around 15%. It has a manual five speed gearbox, which feels like you are driving an automatic, thanks to lots of torque.

The top speed of the Citroen C1 ev`ie is 60mph and recharging is done via a standard mains plug, with a full charge taking around 6 hours. The vehicle has been designed with safety in mind and it stands out ahead of competitors.

The Citroen C1 ev`ie stands out as it offers the looks of any conventional vehicle but with zero emissions and savings when compared with purchasing fuel.

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FordFord Focus Electric

The Ford Focus electric is a great fun car to drive without having the worry of filling up at the gas station. It offers zero C02 emissions along with a driving experience that is electrifying.

It offers all the comfort you could ever want and features include the dual zone automatic temperature control with air filtration. Families will find that that the Ford Focus electric has plenty of space in the cabin along with adequate storage, and is packed with features and equipment.

The Ford Focus electric features telescopic and tilt steering along with push button start that is intelligent. Cruise control is standard, along with one touch power windows in both the front and the rear.

The Ford Focus electric has independent front suspension, anti-lock brakes on the SE Luxury, SE Ecoboost and the Sport. Power comes from the 107kW motor with a lithium-ion liquid cooled 23kWh battery and has a 6.6kW on-board charger, along with 240V charging station for the home.

Safety features are not short on the Ford Focus electric and include front seat side impact and dual stage airbags in the front. Also fitted is the side curtain airbags in the first and the second row and a knee airbag for the driver.

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GEM MotorsGem e2 and e4

The Gem e2 and e4 are two great choices of electric vehicle for everyday use, with both being packed with features and technology.

The Gem e2 is a two seater which is very nimble and has the smallest footprint of the two. It is superb for tight spots and spaces’ offering limited room, as the turning radius is tight. It offers a ride that is smooth and an amazing 43 inches of room for legs, along with seating that slides and suspension that has been improved.

It is packed with safety features including 3 point safety belts and protection system for occupants, along with a windshield made from automotive grade glass.

The Gem e4 offers a solution that is versatile and has a 1kW charger on-board, with charging via any outlet of 110V. Power steering may be added as an option and this is a small electric vehicle offering plenty of legroom.

The Gem e4 gives a drive that is quiet and with no emissions, with per mile operating costs being very low. There is a range of charging and battery options to suit the needs of everyone.

The Gem e2 and Gem e4 are compact and both are versatile electric vehicles, with the e4 carrying up to four and the e2 two people.

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KIA LogoKia Soul EV

The Kia Soul EV is an electric car that offers plenty of style and features, including reversing camera, dual zone air conditioning, touchscreen sat-nav and a full charge costs less than £3, taking you about 132 miles.

The Kia Soul EV runs on alloy wheels of 16 inches and these come fitted with super low rolling resistance tyres. The touchscreen satellite navigation offers European maps along with a locator for finding a charging point whilst driving.

Entry is via smart keyless, and technology on the Kia Soul EV includes DAB radio, heated steering wheel, an engine with start and stop technology and privacy glass along with solar glass.

The Kia Soul EV brings cool to electric cars, with an interior that looks at home in any of the petrol cars twice its size.

It is exempt from tax thanks to it offering zero CO2 emissions and the Kia Soul EV is the perfect electric vehicle for travelling in London as it is exempt from the congestion charge.

Electric vehicles no longer have to look or feel boring. The Kia Soul EV offers a comfortable and safe ride by way of its 6 airbags fitted as standard. It comes with safety measures that include electronic braking, brake assistance and vehicle stability management.

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Mega City CarsMega City

The Mega City is a one hundred percent electric car perfect for travelling around cities and towns. It is offered with seating for four people, with a two seater being available, and outputs zero emissions, whilst travelling a range of 65km.

The Mega City electric car was developed for clean urban transport and it is a compact, along with being ultra-light car, which benefits from no road tax or congestion charges.

This stylish electric vehicle offers a maximum speed of 64km/h; it is packed with parking aids and offers plenty of standard equipment to compete against conventional vehicles.

Thanks to a superb balanced design the Mega City electric car offers plenty of room inside. Boot space is 900 litres on the two seat version.

The Mega City is packed with a variety of features, including high power headlights that improve width lighting, superb in bad weather, while fog lights offer maximum visibility in extreme conditions.

The vehicle also has plenty of safety features including parking assistance, perfect for parking in tight spots in the city, anti-theft device and central locking.

The Mega City has a cabin full of high quality materials, with seating that can be adjusted in length along with the incline and can adapt to the driver.

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Mercedes BenzMercedes B Class

The Mercedes Benz B Class electric drive offers an agile and smooth drive, along with driving dynamics that are refined, while acceleration is impressive and styling is superb.

The B Class electric drive has no emissions and it charges to full capacity in around three hours, offering a range of up to as many as 124 miles.

The design of the Mercedes Benz B Class is striking on both the exterior and interior. The cabin is spacious along with offering versatility and it comes well equipped.

Safety measures haven’t been spared as the vehicle offers advanced technologies which come fitted as standard. One feature is a system that aims to reduce the chance of being involved in rear end collisions. Another is the system that warns the driver if they are showing signs of being tired.

The Mercedes Benz B Class electric drive is packed with a range of equipment fitted as standard. This includes cruise control, ESP, comfort suspension, power steering, adjustable steering in both reach and height and leather steering wheel.

The Mercedes Benz B Class electric drive has to be seen and experienced for it to be appreciated, to find out the qualities that truly set it apart. It is more powerful, more intelligent and more dynamic than ever before.

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MIA ElectricMia Electric

The Mia electric simplifies urban, along with suburban driving, it’s a vehicle of common sense blended with many innovative ideas, all of which go towards making sure life is easier.

The Mia electric is compact, offers zero emissions and it can travel for up to as many as 80 miles. Whether on the school run, shopping or carrying a large load, the Mia is perfect.

The Mia measures just 2.89 m long, making it extremely manoeuvrable when nipping along the city streets and it offers a turning circle of just 4.30m. It carries three people, the driver up front and two passengers; uniquely there are two storage spaces at either side of the driver. Boot space in the vehicle is 260 litres.

Maximum speed is 60mph and the vehicle has a battery of 12kWh, while the kerb weight is 815kg. It is available in the Mia C3, Mia L family, Mia L, Mia L4, Mia U1 and U2 and the Mia Blue Star van.

Sliding doors at the sides and cut-outs in the roof mean it is easy to get in an out and great for parking in narrow spaces.

The Mia electric car is packed with plenty of features, including driver’s airbag, ABS braking and emergency braking assistance. It comes with with on-board charger and 5m cable for charging.

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Nissan Leaf logoNissan Leaf

The Nissan Leaf is a 100% electric vehicle and it ensures that whether travelling around the city, or further afield, it is economical. The running costs are low and the ride is a quiet and safe one, while the design is stunning.

The Nissan Leaf offers an interior that has lots of room along with being comfortable and it offers a drive that is dynamic. It offers plenty of technology, including the Bose Energy Efficient sound system for the perfect tone.

The Nissan Leaf comes with NissanConnect EV, which may be used either from the console or a smartphone. With a smartphone app owners can connect to their vehicle to manage the climate control, charging, or view the vehicles driving range, along with receiving various alerts.

Five people can be seated comfortably in an interior that is leather trimmed, along with heated seating, which has been made partially from bottles that have been recycled, which is great for the environment.

For safety the display offers a 360 degree view thanks to the Around View Monitor, making parking in even the tightest spaces easy.

The electric car is able to reach full torque from standing still and with its low gravity it handles superbly on any roads.

The Nissan Leaf qualified for the plug-in grant from the government in the UK from March 2016, which means savings of £4,500.

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Peugeot LogoPeugeot iON

The Peugeot iON may be the perfect car for travelling around the city. It is quiet, small, 100% electric and it has running costs that are economical. This is an electric vehicle that is kind to the environment while at the same time being different.

While the Peugeot iON may be small, it offers looks that are striking, and which will have heads turning. It is the perfect vehicle for driving around the city and despite its small presence it packs in plenty of storage space.

The driving experience of the Peugeot iON has been designed to ensure that driving is a pleasure, with all controls easy to reach from the driving seat. The range is around 93 miles and it takes only 3.5 seconds for it to accelerate from 18mph to 25mph.

The battery in the Peugeot iON is state of the art; it is a lithium-ion that has been designed to offer optimum power. Charging is easy thanks to multiple options when out and about and full overnight charging from home.

The Peugeot iON electric car is filled with technology. The cabin offers a CD/Radio, support for USB and MP3. Connect SOS is on hand to automatically contact emergency services in the event of the airbags inflating, including notifying them where you are.

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Renault LogoRenault Fluence, Twizy and Zoe

The Renault Fluence, Twizy and Zoe are among the first electric vehicles to come from the car maker.

The Renault Fluence ZE runs on the 280kg lithium-ion battery, which is hidden behind the seating in the rear. The styling of the vehicle features a grille that has been redesigned when compared to the non-electric vehicles, a bumper on the back with diffuser, and it has been given chrome highlights.

The Renault Twizy has a unique design that turns heads and which have been designed specifically for use around the city, and it comes in black with a choice for colour trims. The Twizy Cargo version offers a large boot of 180 litres instead of a back seat.

The Renault Twizy is 100% electric and practical, small enough so that it may be parked between two vehicles in a tight spot, with its boot to the curb and windscreen facing the road.

The Renault Zoe longer and bigger version was launched in 2015 and it offers a style that is clean and effortless, with an appearance that is streamlined. The cabin has been designed to be quiet and peaceful and features the latest in innovation. One feature is the Renault R-Link, which is the multimedia system with 7 inch display.

The Renault Fluence, Twizy and Zoe are all electric vehicles designed with the future in mind.

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REVA CarsReva G-wiz

The Reva G-wiz is a small three door hatchback electric vehicle, just 8 feet 6 inch in length, with zero emissions.

There is plenty of space for two adults along with room for two children in the back. If there are no passengers in the back the seats may be folded down to allow for more luggage space.

The Reva G-wiz was designed with city driving in mind, more so on roads that are congested. Power comes from the 4.8kW DC motor, offering a maximum of 17.6bhp, from eight 6V batteries, stored under the seating at the front. To charge it, simply plug the vehicle into the wall socket.

The vehicle offers a top speed of 80km/h and it is able to travel up to 80km in range. It offers numerous features, including hill rolling restraint and anti-roll bar. Braking on the Reva G-wiz is fitted with drum braking on both the front and the back.

Rather than falling in the car category in Europe, the Reva G-wiz comes under the heavy quadricycle category. The current models of the REVAi and the REVA L-ion have been given some additional safety features, including a reinforced chassis and steering wheel that is collapsible.

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Tesla offers some of the most advanced electric cars on the market, including the Tesla Model S and the Model X. Both vehicles are great looking and packed with many of the latest features and technology.

The Tesla model S has the Euro NCAP 5 star rating for safety and comes with technology including autopilot and autosteer, and it is available with electric all-wheel drive. It manages a range of around 340 miles and reaches 60mph from standing still in only 2.8 seconds.

The Tesla Model X is one of the fastest, safest and most capable sporting electric cars on the market, offering all-wheel drive and up to a range of 257 miles thanks to it having a battery of 90kWh. The vehicle offers seating for up to seven adults, plus plenty of luggage space and it takes it just 3.2 seconds to reach 60mph.

The design of the Tesla Model X is stunning thanks to the hinged winged doors. The battery is mounted in the floor of the vehicle, which means it has a centre of gravity that is low. The vehicle is packed with safety technology, including the fact that it is able to scan continuously with radar, sonar and camera systems. All of which provide the driver with feedback in real time.

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Vauxhall LogoVauxhall Ampera

The Vauxhall Ampera is a modern hybrid electric vehicle that has been designed to offer owners a pleasurable drive, along with many miles of motoring, all trouble free. The vehicle relies on the electric motor mostly, with a 1.4 litre petrol engine charging up the batteries of the vehicle.

The Vauxhall Ampera is said to offer a practical approach in regards to electric cars. It offers a range of around 300mpg when used in the city and it is CO2 free. When using the electric engine and petrol it offers more than 300 miles.

The electric power source is by way of the 148bhp electric friction motor with a battery of 16kWh which is lithium-ion. When charging from a standard electrical socket, it takes 6 six hours to obtain a full charge. With this the Vauxhall Ampera is able to manage a range of between 25 and 50 miles. Along with the electric motor there is the 71bhp electric generator/motor with 1.4 litres and four cylinders, which gives 85bhp. These are all connected through the electronic clutches and planetary gearing.

The interior of the Vauxhall Ampera offers room for four adults. If more boot space is needed the seating may be folded down flat, offering a big flat load bay.

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VW LogoVW e-Golf and e-up

The VW e-Golf is an electric take on the great classic, offering a range of as far as 118 miles from just one single charge and offers stylish looks.

The interior of the VW e-Golf is comfortable, along with offering numerous convenient features. It offers a relaxing drive with a cabin that is premium and which features such as air-conditioning, climate control and in-car entertainment. Finding the correct driving position is easy thanks to the adjustable steering column with both height and length adjustments.

Entry into the VW e-Golf is by keyless access; with sensors it is aware of the proximity of the driver, allowing for unlocking of the doors, with the key still in the pocket.

Technology features include an advanced telephone connection, with charging point for a phone. The ambient lighting pack adds on LED reading lights and ambient lights in the foot well, on the dashboard and on the interior doors.

Safety features on the VW e-Golf include a driver alert system. The system watches over the behaviour of the driver and will give out audible along with visual warnings when the vehicle believes the driver needs to take a break.

The VW e-Golf is a stylish electric vehicle with a classic design along with plenty of space and a finish that is high quality.

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