Top tips for insuring your electric car

While having an electric car in the UK is still something quite unusual, they are set to become more mainstream as more manufacturers’ invest in this eco-friendly, money saving technology.

Until they do become more common on British roads, however, people who own electric cars or vans may find it difficult and / or expensive to insure their vehicle. That doesn’t need to be the case, though, there are ways you don’t have to settle for the first policy that comes along.

Read on for our top tips on how to insure your electric car or van …

Research your options

There are electric car insurance specialists out there in the market. Some small-scale car insurance brokers might not be able to source cost-effective electric car insurance as well as specialist broker. This means that there are higher chances of buying inappropriate cover. Use the services of a specialist broker, such as ourselves, to help find you the most suitable and cost-effective solution.

Ask about the battery

Make sure to clarify with any prospective insurer (and your car provider) whether the battery is owned or leased. This can be a complicated area and as the battery is one of the most expensive parts of the vehicle, you don’t want to find out after an accident that you are financially liable.

Clarify about cable liability

There may be exclusions when it comes to your liability cover with insurers having different stances. For example, if you are charging your electric car with a cable running from your home across the pavement to your vehicle and a passer-by trips over, this may not be covered by your insurer. Always ask the insurer if the insurance covers any liability relating to the cables used to plug and charge the vehicle.

Can you drive other non-electric vehicles?

Some electric car insurers include standard insurance cover in case you are going on a long journey and need to lease a diesel or petrol fuelled car. Check if this will form part of your electric van or car insurance so there are no surprises if you find yourself in this situation.

What next?

Insuring your electric car can be a bit trickier and more complex than insuring a regular car. You have to keep some major points in mind such as the battery and the cable liability. The above mentioned tips, together with our service however, may typically make getting electric car insurance much easier – and at a more competitive price than offered by some other insurers.