Hybrid and electric car insurance
If you’re considering a switch to an electric vehicle (EV) or a hybrid, you may find the following quick overview of the insurance position useful. The basics The good news is that: electric car insurance is available, as are similar products covering hybrids. That might be self-evident given you’ve perhaps already seen...
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UK electric car insurance
You might have read certain articles in the press that spoke of electric vehicle (EV) insurance cover in somewhat mystical terms! There’s really no need to be alarmed and EV insurance should not really be a problem if you’re considering moving away from polluting technology towards this great green alternative. Let’s...
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Electric car insurance – FAQs
Some of the following answers to FAQs on electric vehicle (EV) insurance might be useful if you’re contemplating a change to this new technology. How reliable is electric car technology? As at January 2017, around 85,000 electric cars are registered on the UK’s roads and that figure excludes hybrids. Of course, insurance...
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A Guide to Electric Car Insurance
Introduction Many of us can remember easily the days when people smiled at the mention of “electric cars”. Yet in a very few years, electric cars and other such vehicles have gone from being a novelty or laboratory-style proof of concept to a mainstream choice for many motorists. The figures speak...
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