Getting BMW electric car insurance

In the view of the motoring magazine What Car, electric motoring does not get much better than the BMW i3.

Its low running costs, agile performance and refined finish combine with a reasonable range between charges and all the attention to technological innovation, precision and craftsmanship you may have come to expect from BMW.

It is the incentive of a handsome government grant for the purchase of an electric vehicle, together with its considerably reduced running costs that make it an attractive option for a growing number of car owners.


If you have an eye on minimising running costs, though, you are sooner or later going to ask yourself about the price of insurance.

Leading models in the market for new electric cars mean that BMW or Tesla insurance, for instance, might strike you as unreasonably high.

The price of premiums quoted by many motor insurers of conventionally fuelled cars are indeed likely to reflect the fact that – despite government incentives for their purchase and a growing number of owners – they continue to regard the electric car as an unknown quantity when it comes to assessing the risks involved.

With engines so quiet that other road users might not hear them coming, are they more or less safe than conventional cars? Do the trailing cables used when the batteries are being charged pose an extra risk to people tripping over and injuring themselves? Does any shortage of mechanics trained in the repair of electric cars mean that these costs are going to be much higher than repairs and replacement parts for conventionally-fuelled cars?

Added to all of that is the fact that the leading marques of prestige vehicles of BMW and Tesla are inevitably much higher value than other makes of electric car, and the cost of insurance might seem to outweigh other advantages in owning such a vehicle.

Specialist insurance brokers

That is why we have made it our mission here at Specialist4ElectricCars to apply our knowledge and experience of the whole motor insurance market to identify those insurers who offer the cover BMW and Tesla electric car owners need, but also at a competitive market price.

We recognise that electric car owners need many of the same safeguards as those of more conventionally powered vehicles – the legal minimum of third party cover, for instance, but also protection against fire, theft and other forms of accidental damage and loss.

But we also recognise the potential for other risks, peculiar to electric cars.

You might need special breakdown insurance, for instance, to cover the possibility of the car’s batteries running flat when you are in the middle of a journey; you are also likely to need the extension of cover for driving regular, non-electric vehicles (since you might choose to use one still for longer journeys or touring); and you might want to pay particular attention to the details of your public liability cover – in the event that someone trips over and hurts themselves on the cables you use when recharging the car’s batteries.

These are just some of the special considerations we take into account when quoting you for electric BMW or Tesla insurance.