Getting BMW electric car insurance
In the view of the motoring magazine What Car, electric motoring does not get much better than the BMW i3. Its low running costs, agile performance and refined finish combine with a reasonable range between charges and all the attention to technological innovation, precision and craftsmanship you may have come...
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New electric cars for 2017
With government grants to assist in their purchase, the prospect of considerably cheaper running costs, increasing range on a full charge and the ever-widening network of recharging points, the attractions of an electric car are proving irresistible for many motorists. So, let’s take a look at some of the most...
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Getting Tesla car insurance
The Tesla brand is inextricably associated with the development of viable and performance electric vehicles. They and one or two other manufacturers, have taken electric vehicles (EVs) from design and laboratory concepts into production. They have revolutionized the motor industry to an extent that hasn’t been seen for many decades. If...
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Is electric car insurance different from normal car insurance?
After decades of hard work and quite a few technical dead-ends, with associated disappointments, electric vehicles (EVs) are finally a reality. This should be cause for rejoicing for everyone who is even remotely interested in the environment but some insurance providers have been wrong-footed by these developments and just aren’t...
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Electric cars are getting more popular
The surge in new registrations of electric cars continues unabated in the UK, with the website Next Green Car reporting an estimated 59,400 such cars registered by the end of 2015. This is a phenomenal increase on the mere 3,500 registrations of just three years ago. With nearly 40 different...
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